About us

About us

In 2009 we bought this farm and we started to start with a total renovation of the building that had been seriously torn down over the years.

First we made sure that we ourselves could live comfortably and the stables and the barn were refurbished again.
Then we moved from Flanders, which made the renovation easier, even though we had to camp for a while.
At the time that our part was largely in order we have completely converted the main house into the four rooms that the current B & B now counts.

Now that the renovations are behind us, the (hobby) farm is flourishing. On the video you see Ed working on our land with our 2 Flemish horses and his homemade horse tractor.In the first part, Ed is mowing, and the second part is Ed arranging with a turner of 1945, which he repaired.

Summer and winter we place peace and quiet in the center and we hope that in the morning you will only be awakened by the whistling birds, or by a cow who is laughing in the distance.
We have opted for an energy-efficient building for the entire B & B.

We have a big heart for people, nature and animals and hope that we will soon be able to welcome you and are happy to help you or to answer your questions!

Anyone who would like to know what the recent events are, such as when puppies or foals are born, can follow us on facebook.


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