Hymn to our stallion Sterre

in Sunday, 23 December 2018

Yesterday afternoon our beautiful stallion Sterre passed away (breed Belgian - Flemisch horse) at 6 years.

He was brought to the equine clinic in peak condition for a castration. Everyone knows that an anaesthesia involves a risk, especially with horses. That is why we have taken him to a horse clinic, to take as few risks as possible. If a problem should arise, he is there with all the knowledge - material - manpower ... And everyone assumes that fate will not strike his horse.

We have now drawn to the shortest end.

I do not want to explain everything in detail. There has been fighting and battling, both by Sterre and in the clinic, for 48 hours. But nature has decided differently.

Sterre was the pride of our farm, together with his muse Scala they have ensured solid descendants. Xel (1.5 years) and Ysolde (8 months) are still with us.

We have been blessed to enjoy him enormously. His faithful brown eyes, how elegantly he came down with his head to come to the same level with us. During the carriage rides, Sterre was the puller, Scala was allowed to calm down a bit, he did the heaviest work without a grumble. For years Ed says that Sterre is the most beautiful horse he has ever had.

That we now have to say goodbye to him, in the prime of his life, is very hard.

We made a short video of Sterre: