Dinant - Citadelle - Maison Sax - Abbey of Leffe - Furfooz

Dinant - Citadelle - Maison Sax - Abbey of Leffe - Furfooz

Stately, the citadel of Dinant lies 100 meters above the city and the Meuse on its rocky peak. The original citadel dates back to the 11th century and was largely rebuilt during the 16th and 19th centuries after destruction.

Adolphe Sax is one of the most famous inhabitants of Dinant; the inventor of the saxophone was born in this town. On both sides of the Charles de Gaulle bridge and on the Patrie d'Adolphe Sax there are a number of colourful saxophones on display as a work of art.

Leffe museum : Beer hasn't been brewed in the abbey for a long time, but during a visit to the Leffe Museum you can learn all about the origins of the famous beer.

Kasteel van Freyr : A protected exceptional heritage, Renaissance castle, former ducal residence furnished by the 20 generations who lived here until now, a place steeped in history. Perhaps even more impressive than the Freÿr castle itself are the gardens. They were designed by Le Nôtre, one of the architects who worked for the French Sun King.

Park of Furfooz : In this village near Dinant there is a great park in which a varied walk has been marked out: you start high above the Lesse at a Roman bathhouse and ditto fortification, you descend on footpaths with fantastic panoramas, you pass a hollow in the rock that was the former course of the Lesse with a view through to the current much lower Lesse, a trou qui fume, trou des Nutons (prehistoric finds dating back 10 000 years BC. C.!), until you come across a cafeteria at the bottom of the Lesse, where you'd better have a drink, because you still have to bridge the difference in height in the opposite direction... Then you pass caves and underground lakes, of which you can only see the top part, like in a well. Here and there a little bit dangerous, but a challenging part of Wallonia to discover - even with children!)

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  • Click to enlarge image 02 201406 Dinant Charles de Gaulle-brug met saxophones  shutterstock_230499967.jpg Charles de Gaulle bridge with saxophones. After all, we are in Adolph Sax' hometown
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  • Click to enlarge image 07 Chateau de Freyr-pixabay-93271.jpg The beautiful castle of Freyr near Dinant