Durbuy "the smallest town in the world"

Durbuy "the smallest town in the world"

Durbuy known as the second smallest city in the world. Located on the river Ourthe, it is located in three geographical regions: the Ardennes, the Condroz and the Famenne.

Durbuy is one of the tourist attractions in Wallonia. Every year, the originally medieval town attracts thousands of tourists.
Durbuy has over 11,000 inhabitants. The city centre itself consists of a number of streets and has about 400 inhabitants. The vast majority of the inhabitants live in one of the villages.

Radhadesh - Castle of the Petite Somme : The castle of Petite Somme has a long history and now houses the spiritual community of Radhadesh. The new residents have thoroughly restored this old and noble building and transformed it into a true spiritual oasis where you can explore the colorful culture of Indian traditions. The castle also houses the Mosa (Museum of Sacred Art), a shop selling Indian crafts, a bakery, and a restaurant.

Durbuy is 20 km away from the 4 willows.


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  • Click to enlarge image 02 201805 Durbuy Le Sanglier shutterstock_1160323879.jpg Le Sanglier des Ardennes restaurant - bistro - hotel
  • Click to enlarge image 03 2014 Radhadesh centre boeddhisme Durbuy shutterstock_1146345974.jpg Radhadesh centre Buddhism Durbuy
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